This Week in Magic

This Week in Magic

Bridge From Below Banned in Modern

Bridge from Below

Ian Duke, from Wizards of the Coast R&D, explains why one card in Modern proved a bridge too far.

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Five Games for Doomsday interviews Magic’s creator.

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Mark Rosewater hints at big reveals at ComicCon.

MTG ban announcement: Faithless Looting is safe… for now

Brett Terean at DailyEsports at looks at how Faithless Looting once again avoided the ban hammer.

The Influences of Core Set 2020 for Modern

Lee Shi Tian at Hareruya examines how Core Set 2020 will impact Modern.

The State of Pauper: Old Classics

Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc explores how reliable Pauper staples fare in the new world.

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Frank Karsten

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The Banned & Restricted Announcement: Bridge From Below Banned in Modern

Matt Sperling

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Magic TV with Mashi Scanlon, Riley Knight, and TheAsianAvenger

The Best Gruul Deck in Standard – A Statistical Analysis

Tobi Henke

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