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‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ Launches First Story-Based Event May 23

I’m legit a little surprised they were willing to use the word “Chronicles” on any new Magic property or idea. Lauren Orsini at Forbes has the story on a new 5-week storytelling campaign on MTG Arena.

War of the Spark Standard Mythic Championship Qualifier Event Review and Top 8 Deck Lists

Chris Vincent at Master of Magics looks at the results of the first UK MCQ of the season.

Narset in Vintage – Into My Mind in May 2019

Andreas Petersen at Mage Market looks at how Narset could affect Vintage.

May I Introduce Ranger-Captain of Eos?

Brian Braun-Duin at TCGPlayer looks at a new card from Modern Horizons that should bring Humans a powerful new hate card and piece of card advantage.

MTG Jeff: Grixis Discard – UBR Nicol Bolas Superfriends Deck in WAR Standard

MTG Jeff at The Mana Base plays through a Grixis discard deck.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

The Definitive Guide to Standard Mono-Red

Learn the ropes to Mono-Red from the master himself, who took Mono-Red to a 17-win streak on MTG Arena.

Post-Ban Pauper

Alex looks at how the banning of Daze, Gitaxian Probe, and Gush will impact Pauper.

Modern Horizons Spoiler – Scrapyard Recombiner: A New Tool for Hardened Scales

Once a meme deck, Hardened Scales has added yet another card to its now potent arsenal.

A Guide to Modern Humans: Mulligans and Sideboarding

Mythic Championship winner Eli Loveman is back to give you the ins and outs to the most popular matchups in Modern.

Blue-Green Climb – Standard | Channel Matt Nass

Jump into a Standard event with Matt Nass as he tests a U/G deck that uses Hadana’s Climb to one-shot your opponent!

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