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Magic: The Gathering Pro Ben Stark Speaks About Yuuya Watanabe’s Disqualification

Danny Forster at DotEsports talks to Ben Stark about how he sees Yuuya Watanabe after his DQ.

“Magic: The Gathering” is Officially the World’s Most Complex Game

Nathan Rupert at MIT Technology Review explains why Magic proves to be too complex to create a pure computational approach to solving it.

Top 8 at Mythic Championship II with Titanshift

Thien Nguyen at Hareruya talks about how he made the Top 8 of the Mythic Championship.

War of the Spark: Top 10 Commander Cards

SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish counts down the top 10 new Commander cards.

Top 5 Decks from Week 1 of War of the Spark Standard

StrictlyBetterMTG at TCGPlayer looks at five new exciting Standard decks.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

The Pauper Metagame Is Becoming Even More Top Heavy

In the time between Ravnica Allegiance and War of the Spark, the Pauper metagame has become dominated by Gush and monarch strategies.

Tronscending Modern Expectations

No one was more surprised than PV when he realized he would play Tron at MC London, but it’s the deck that gained the most with the mulligan rule.

Sperling’s Sick of It: 2nd Place at Mythic Championship II, Part One

Matt reached the Top 8 at MC London in the unlikeliest of ways. But he took that opportunity, and Affinity, all the way to the finals.

War of The Spark Draft | Channel Reid

Jump into a Draft of the newest Magic: The Gathering set, War of the Spark, with Reid Duke!

Hit or Myth: War of the Spark Edition at MagicFest London

Mashi is joined by the Ben Seck for Hit or Myth at MagicFest London! Find out what they think of all fifteen mythics from War of the Spark.

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