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Suicide Blue

Dandan is one of early Magic’s strangest cards, so when I saw that mg had an Old-School Magic deck home for it, I couldn’t resist. His take on blue aggro in a powered format is hilarious, and demonstrates just how versatile blue’s tools were when they didn’t quite know how to design the color.

Matt Stewart: the Canvas Conjuror

Get some insight into the process of re-imagining classic and iconic Magic card art for new setsPatrick Scalisi interviews prolific Magic artist Matt Stewart about illustrating the one-of-a-kind Mana Crypt over at Vintage Magic.

Mental Magic: Anxiety, Fear, Doubt and Depression, And That’s OK

Depression can be impossibly hard to talk about, but it can affect every part of your life—including Magic. Rebecca Rose talks about coping with depression and gaming, with a few references for anyone else on the same journey.

Moving out of the Shadows (Pauper)

Peregrine Drake was moved to common in Eternal Masters, which had huge combo applications for Pauper.

Seven Common Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Craig Wescoe brings you a master class on improving your game, from sideboarding to fetchlands to beating the board.

5 Posts from ChannelFireball You Shouldn’t Miss

Magic TV: Top 8 GW Decks

With GW Tokens dominating Standard, Paul and Mashi took a moment to celebrate great Selesnya decks from Standard formats past.

Channel Reid: Shadows Over Innistrad Double-Header

If there’s one thing we enjoy at ChanneFireball it’s value, and Reid brings you plenty with this two-for-one of a Draft video!

How to Defend Yourself Against a Bluff

After PV’s killer article on mind tricking your opponent, he follows it up with another: how to protect yourself from one of those mind tricks.

GW Tokens Guide

It’s time to just play the best deck in Standard, and with Andrea’s help, you can master it.

What’s the Play? GW vs. UR

It’s not too late to get in on this week’s What’s the Play and let us know if you can find the the right line—before LSV posts his solution tomorrow.

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