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Magic: The Gathering’s ‘War Of The Spark’ Expansion Gets A Trailer – Every Planeswalker We Saw

Izzy Doherty at The Gamer has the preview trailer for War of Spark.

Mono-Red Before Cleveland

Michael Bonde just Top 8’d in Cleveland, and earlier in the week he took a look at the state of Mono-Red in Standard.

Grinding on MTG Arena

Grinding Arena is all about getting the best bang for your buck, and Carlos Romao offers a few selections at Hareruya.

Battle of One: Grixis Control

If you’re looking for something different, Ali Aintrazi at CoolStuffInc has a new Grixis Control deck for Standard.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

MagicFest Video Coverage By ChannelFireball

LSV shares what ChannelFireball MagicFest coverage will entail.

The Mana in the Current Standard Hits a Sweet Spot

One good dual for aggro and one good dual for control is the ideal design for Standard.

Mythic Championship Cleveland Players to Watch: Mark Herberholz

Heading into Mythic Championship 1, Florian interviews Mark Herberholz, Pro Tour Champion and one of the most storied deck builders of all time.

Nexus of the Banned

In a not-so-surprising and perhaps anticipated move, Wizards banned Nexus from BO1 Arena play—but curiously, not from BO3.

The Gates Deck Is No Joke

It’s not a meme deck anymore. PV breaks down one of his favorite choices for the right metagame.

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