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Deck Guide: Sultai Hadana’s Climb

Luis Salvatto set out to find a deck that punished Nexus of Fate and other midrange decks, and found the answer with Hadana’s Climb.

Beating Mono-Red Aggro

If you’re grinding Arena, you’ll need a plan for Mono-Red without throwing away too much percentage everywhere else. Simon Nielsen has three lists over at MTGMintCard that stand a chance.

Izzet Phoenix in Legacy

It made its way to Modern, so it was only a matter of time before people would start trying to break Arclight Phoenix in Legacy. Rich Cali at FlipSide Gaming found a solid starting point.

Five Reasons to Play Tron In Modern

I can’t think of one so, Christopher Brunner at CardMarket already has me beat.

Mavericks and Mystics

Whatever happened to Maverick? This disruptive Abzan list feels like it might have been displaced by Death and Taxes, but Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc has a list that might still be viable.

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So You Want to Play 1-Drops in Standard?

Frank provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of aggro in Standard you can find, with lists for every color and combination!

The History of Creature Types in Magic Is Insane

One of them is Sand.

Sultai Deck Guide

Hydroid Krasis is quickly becoming the most important card in Standard, and Martin shows you the ropes with the best home for the card.

Five Obvious Elements of Magic You Don’t Think About

And they come up more often than you’d expect.

Should Nexus of Fate Be Banned on MTG Arena? LSV and Matt Nass Discuss

Nexus of Fate introduces a new kind of issue in Magic: one that’s relevant only on the online platform. Should it be banned only on MTG Arena?

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