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Mark Rosewater hints at a new Modern product for Magic: The Gathering

Avinan at Daily Esports covers the new Modern product tease from WotC.

Takings Breaks

Kendra Smith talks about when to take a break from a format.

What’s Been Good in Standard So Far

Standard is one of the most diverse formats we’ve seen, and Simon Nielsen breaks down all the best options so far.

The Future Is as Bright as It Is Uncertain

It’s been a couple weeks of tumult in Magic, and SaffronOlive breaks down the promising and the anxiety-inducing.

A Limited Player’s Guide to Constructed Deck Selection

Ben Hull at Hareruya explains how to pick decks from a Limited player’s standpoint.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

The Six Pillars of Ravnica Allegiance Standard

From Sultai to Control to Wilderness Reclamation, Reid lays out the state of Standard.

Esper Has Emerged as the Answer to Sultai Midrange

And as the metagame slows down, you’ll need to either go bigger or way, way smaller.

The 10 Most Iconic Ravnica Printings of All Time

The plane of Ravnica has contributed some of the most memorable cards in MTG, and Brian DeMars counts down the 10(+) most important.

Mono-Blue Affinity – Legacy | Channel PleasantKenobi

Build up an array of artifacts and then convert them into a squad of 5/5 monsters to steamroll your opponent!

Fairly Assessing Your Play

One bad tournament, Draft, match, or game doesn’t mean you need to fix everything.

U/W Spirits – Legacy | Channel Mengucci

Andrea ports the best tribe from Modern to Legacy for a League on Magic Online!

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