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Magic: The Gathering Ravnica Allegiance’s Impact on Modern

Burn received plenty of new toys from Ravnica Allegiance, and there’s even a Birthing Pod. Are they good enough to break through in Modern? Avinan at the Daily Dot takes a closer look.

Sorry We… Don’t Know What Pauper Means

Pauper legality is remarkably difficult to unpack, and you can’t really understand how difficult until you’ve read Caliban’s article at MTGGoldfish.

Achieving Electrodominance

Michael Bonde at MTGMintCard has a new Mono-Blue Living End packing one of the sweetest new combo cards from Ravnica Allegiance.

What Everybody Gets Wrong About Modern Burn

It wouldn’t be a Mike Flores article without a story about him doing something “that one time,” and this one literally has a header that reads “That Time I Beat Affinity” so I don’t really see how you can not click it.

Two Surprising Standard Brews

We all knew the Gates deck was awesome in Limited, but I’m not sure if anyone saw “Constructed-playable” written all over Gatebreaker Ram. Seth Manfield covers the surprising breakout deck, and an Esper Midrange deck built around Hero of Precinct One.

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Amaz Plays Ravnica Allegiance in the Early Access Streamer Event

See how Amaz navigated Ravnica Allegiance Sealed in the Early Access streamer event on Arena!

The Mana in New Standard is Great, But Don’t Stretch it Too Far

Ten shocklands makes for an enticing amount of freedom, but don’t get carried away.

Updating Golgari Midrange with Hydroid Krasis

Hydroid Krasis is the biggest and baddest new finisher on the block, and it might just displace even the mighty Carnage Tyrant.

Cards and Strategies that Overperformed and Underperformed at the Streamer Event

This past weekend’s streamer event gave us a first look at Ravnica Allegiance cards in action.

Izzet Drakes with Pteramander Might Be the Best Deck in Standard

Sometimes a small update is all a deck needs to go from a strong choice to the best choice.

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