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Valve’s ‘Artifact’ Has Lost Almost Its Entire Playerbase In The Two Months Since Launch

Well, so much for that. Paul Tassi at Forbes explains how MTG Arena and its monetization system doomed Artifact.

Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Deck Guide

Vintage, in the words of Ferris, is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking it up. Michael Bonde at MTGMintCard shows you how to battle with Paradoxical Outcome, a deck packed with all of the sweetest cards in the history of the game.

Shaking the Pillars

There’s a ban list announcement on the horizon, and Modern isn’t the only format with a possible candidate. Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc looks at what could and should be banned in Pauper.

Spoiled by Spoilers!

James Allingham at AxionNow covers some of the most new Ravnica Allegiance cards for Constructed, and where to use them.


Raph Levy writes about (temporarily) hanging up the sleeves.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Rhythm of the Wild Will Be One of the Most Important Cards in Standard

Making Gruul a tier 1 deck right out of the gates.

The Rise of Rakdos Monarch

The Pauper metagame has two clear frontrunners. But some solid alternatives still remain.

Jess’s Guide to the Grind: How to Go from Bronze to Platinum and Beyond in MTG Arena

At the beginning of your journey up the MTG Arena ladder, it’s about quantity over win-rate.

Depose // Deploy Is the Perfect Card for Blue-White Aggro

Along with Dovin, Grand Arbiter, blue might have more than one aggressive option in Standard.

Vintage Cube Draft | Channel LSV

Head into another Vintage Cube Draft League on Magic Online with the Cube master himself, Luis Scott-Vargas!

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