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Building a Better Legacy Sideboard

Andreas Peterson at MTGMintCard shows you how to improve your Legacy sideboard.

Omaha Lawyer One of 32 People Picked for New ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Esports League

Chris Peters at Omaha.com has a profile on John Rolf, who made the Magic Professional League.

Magic: The Gathering Azorius Senate Card Reveal from Ravnica Allegiance

Princess Weeks at the Mary Sue has some spoilers from Ravnica Allegiance.

Updating Standard Decks with Ravnica Allegiance

Riley Knight at TCGPlayer looks at how the new cards will affect Standard.

Is it Phoenix? I Can’t Tell.

Eli Kassis at Face-to-Face Games shows you the ropes with the deck he used to win Grand Prix Oakland.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

MagicFest Oakland MCQ Win with U/R Phoenix

Matt Sperling picked up the GP-winning Izzet Phoenix deck for the first time at an MCQ at MagicFest Oakland, and quickly snagged an invite.

Best-of-One Standard Is the Future—It’s Already Clear from the Card Design of Ravnica Allegiance

More flexible answers are more plentiful than ever, and the implications of that are obvious. Best-of-one is the future of Standard.

Vintage Cube | Channel LSV

Follow along with LSV as he enters another Powered Cube Draft on Magic Online!

Level One Legacy: Death and Taxes

Easy to pick up and play, Death & Taxes is one of Legacy’s most difficult deck’s to master.

Ranking the Decks of Legacy From Easiest to Most Difficult to Play

What’s the most difficult deck to play in Legacy? PV polled players, pros, and offers his own take!

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