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Qualifying for the Format Playoffs

Michael Bonde at MTGMintCard covers how to qualify for the Magic Online playoffs.

A First Look at Lavinia, Azorius Renegade

Riley Knight at TCGPlayer has a preview of a new hateful 2-drop.

Playing Bitterblossom in Legacy

Kyle Boggemes has a sweet list packing Bitterblossom in Legacy.

Magic Pro League aims to establish MTG: Arena as the premier digital card game

Luke Winkie at ESPN covers the big changes to professional Magic.

Rough Drafts: Ultimate Masters

Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish Drafts Ultimate Masters.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Time Spiral Draft | Channel LSV

Head back in time to one of the most mechanic-packed sets ever made with LSV!


Reid Duke Drafts Guilds of Ravnica on MTG Arena

Join Reid Duke for a Competitive Draft of Guilds of Ravnica on MTG Arena!

Ranking the Decks of Standard From Easiest to Most Difficult to Play

A deck being easy to play is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s an advantage. PV ranks the decks of Standard from easiest to hardest.

Magic Really Is a Legitimate Esport Now

Compared to the payouts of other similar esports, Magic is much closer than you might think.

The 8 Best Decks in Standard

Standard is a blast right now with a ton of viable decks. Which is best? Brian counts them down.

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