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Brandon Sanderson Wrote a Magic: The Gathering Novella, and You Can Read the First Chapter Right Here

James Whitbrook at Gizmondo has the news on a new Magic: the Gathering novella from Brandon Sanderson, Magic: Children of the Nameless.

Mining Modern – Traxos Blue Steel

Corbin Hosler at TCGPlayer has a new artifact brew for Modern featuring Grand Architect, Lodestone Golem, and of course, Traxos.

Magic: the Gathering Pro Loses Deck, Community Rebuilds it in One Day

Bob Fekete at Newsweek has the story of how Kat Light got her Bant Spirits deck back.

Magic: The Gathering FINALLY Becomes A True Esport

Cody Gravelle at Screenrant covers the big news about MTG Arena and Pro Tours.

An Overview of Jeskai Control in Standard

Francesco Giorgio at AxionNow covers how to play and sideboard Jeskai Control.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

The Best Deck in Standard: G/B Midrange

With the Standard metagame relatively settled, Martin’s got the list he thinks is best positioned to dominate the metagame.

An Introduction to the Hypergeometric Distribution for Magic Players

Frank equips you with one of the most powerful mathematical tools that answers a simple question: how likely am I to draw X card?

Modern Cube Draft | Channel LSV

Head into a Modern Cube Draft alongside LSV!

Jund – Modern | Channel Reid

It’s Reid. And Jund. Together again.

Everything is Changing: Magic Takes Its Biggest Step Yet Into the World of Esports

Wizards announced its first major commitment to moving Magic into the world of esports last night, with the Mythic Championships and the 32-player Magic Pro League.

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