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Bringing Back Pauper Stompy

Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc looks at how to bring Stompy back to Pauper.

Magic The Gathering Ultimate Masters Spoilers (November 19)

Collin MacGregor at Heavy has a complete list of Ultimate Masters spoilers.

Instant Deck Tech: Gruul Frenzy (Standard)

SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish has a new take on how to break Experimental Frenzy with a mostly green list.

Noble Thoughts about Unified Modern

Andreas Petersen at MTGMintCard covers the options for creature aggro decks in Unified Modern.

November 18 Pauper Challenge Breakdown

Alex Ullman, on his Facebook page, breaks down the Pauper metagame from last week’s online event.

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My Take on Standard Golgari

Get the deck list and sideboard guide to one of Standard’s premier archetypes from the game’s foremost black-green midrange experts.

4-Color Control in Standard

Without the full 10 shocklands, you can’t possibly play four colors… right?

Building the Best Performing Boros at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica

Magnus Lantto leaned on payoff cards to power up his version of R/W aggro, and was rewarded with a 9-1 Constructed record.

Settling for 2nd Place at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica

Does LSV still have the fire? Based on results, it’s a resounding yes.

Evolving Bant for Pro Tour Atlanta

Nico went off the beaten path for Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica, and he shows you how he arrived at his unique Bant list.

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