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Magic to Live By

Rob Wolfe from Dartmouth Alumni magazine has a profile of Reid Duke.

Golgari Midrange and Keys to the Mirror

It’s not longer the defining matchup of the format, but it’s still a tricky one to navigate. David Calf at Axion Now gives you some tips for the Golgari mirror.

Bonde’s Jeskai Control from GP Lille

Michael Bonde shares his build of Jeskai at MTG Mint Card.

Preying on the Pro Tour Metagame

With Red-White Aggro everywhere, is there a way to exploit the new metagame? Adam Yurchick looks at how to take advantage of the results of the Pro Tour.

Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica Data Dive

Jeff Hoogland at CoolStuffInc crunches the numbers of the Pro Tour.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Standard Mono-Red, When to Play a Land Before Experimental Frenzy, and a Sideboard Guide

Frank details the Mono-Red deck he played at Pro Tour Guilds or Ravnica, and looks at its position in the current Standard metagame.

The Evolution of White Weenie for Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica

On the eve of the Pro Tour, Martin broke down TeamCFB’s R/W Aggro deck that LSV took all the way to the finals.

Golgari Midrange at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica

Golgari Midrange wasn’t the story at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica, but with its positioning against white aggro, it might be the perfect choice now.

Recapping Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica

Pro Points: PVDDR, Mike Sigrist, and Sam Black recap Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica.

Deckbuilding Breakdown—Vintage Champs *5th*

Matt Sperling used some unconventional deck building choices to create the list he used to Top 8 the Vintage Championships.

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