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Hollow One Primer and Updating Dredge

Zen Takahashi at MTGMintCard covers the best ways to use the graveyard in Modern.

Mardu Pyromancer in Modern (Videos)

Get the play-by-play from one of the best in the game. Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer has a video with the “new Jund,” Mardu Pyromancer.

The Five of My Dreams and Nightmares

Michael Flores at CoolStuffInc talks about the new Guilds of Ravnica card Doom Whisperer.

Darwin and Deckbuilding

Pierre Dagan shows you how to apply the principles of evolution to deckbuilding.

Dropping Destructive Revelry – Why to Keep Your Burn Board Boros

Andreas Breuer at Modern Nexus argues that Destructive Revelry should not be in Boros Burn.

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The Top 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time (#40-31)

Mashi, TBS, Tom Martell, and Gerry Thompson continue to count down the top Magic cards ever printed.

Guilds Of Ravnica Preview Card And Set Discussion, Part 1

PVDDR, Sam Black, and Mike Sigrist discuss the new cards of Guides of Ravnica in their podcast, Pro Points.

Blue-Red Delver – Pauper | Channel Mengucci

Andrea takes a break from Legacy to play the other, *other* Eternal format with the best deck in Pauper!

Grixis After Grand Prix Richmond (Legacy)

After an incredible 15 rounds in Richmond, Reid takes a look at where Grixis stands.

The Rock and Assassin’s Trophy

Assassin’s Trophy is big news for fans of B/G/x midrange in all formats!

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