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Much Ado About Alex

Evan Erwin covers the Alex Bertoncini situation at Cool Stuff Inc.

Pro Points Episode Nine

PV, Sam Black, and Mike Sigrist cover the Standard metagame.

MTG Breakdown Rewind – Brian David-Marshall – New York Magic 1994

Brian David Marshall talks with Marshall Sutcliffe about running the first proto-GP.

Turbo Fog Primer

Learn the ins and outs of Turbo Fog from Zen Takahashi at MTGMintCard.

Pauper Spellbook: Lightning Bolt

More iconic than the archetype that has become its legacy, John Messner at MTGGoldfish covers Magic’s burn spell.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Mono-Red Flame of Keld is Back in the Metagame

And, it’s cheap.

There Are Three Cards That Need to Come Off the Modern Banned List

Fair decks could use a little help.

Flying Over the Competition with Green-Blue Stompy

Stomp the competition with Bobby’s Stompy deck sporting Standard’s biggest beaters backed by counter magic!

Top 10 Card Clusters That Will Rotate Out of Standard

Standard is in for some enormous changes—Frank evaluates the most important of them.

Miracles – Legacy | Channel LSV

Top is gone but Terminus remains, and helps to form a blue-white control deck that’s still strong enough to help define the format.

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