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What’s New with Boros Burn?

Burn has fallen a little by the wayside in Modern, but Michael Flores makes the case at Gathering Magic for why it’s still a contender.

‘Magic: The Gathering – Arena’ faithfully replicates everything about the card game, good and bad

Thomas Wilde at GeekWire reviews Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Somebody dropped more than $87,000 on a Magic: The Gathering card

Next time someone asks you what you can get for that thing you’ll know the answer I guess. Kellen Beck at Mashable has the story.

Chasing the Magic Dream

Craig Wescoe has had a long journey through professional Magic, and at TCGPlayer he revisits his quest to reach its peaks.

Pauper Spellbook: Ghostly Flicker

John Messner at MTGGoldfish discusses how to build the optimal Ghostly Flicker deck in Pauper.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Magic Math: How Many Games do You Need for Statistical Significance in Playtesting?

How much can a 10-game set tell you about a matchup? Frank runs the numbers.

Core Set 2019 Draft | Channel BenS

Hop into another Core Set 2019 Draft alongside the master of Limited himself, Ben Stark!

Core Set 2019 Sealed Deck | Channel Pat Cox

Pat Cox heads into a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) on Magic Online to battle some Core Set 2019 Sealed!

Mail Bag: Twitter Questions

Siggy takes questions from the readers via Twitter!

Nicol Bolas Ravages Standard

Nicol Bolas looked like another flashy but ultimately marginal mythic rare. That couldn’t be further from reality.

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