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Canada’s Retaliatory Tariffs Hitting ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Players

Liz Lanier at Variety explains how Canada’s tariffs in response to U.S. tariffs have raised prices on Magic cards in the country.

Losin’ and Lovin’ It – My Time With Magic: The Gathering Arena

Richard Costa at Tech Raptor has a thorough teardown of the UI in Magic: The Gathering Arena.


With Core Set 2019, the Zombies are looking remarkably refreshed. Rudy Briksza at Gathering Magic has a new brew ready for Standard.

Modern Revolution: Core Set 2019

Lee Shi Tian at MTG Mint Card covers the impact cards from M19 for Modern.

Everything You Need to Know About the Reserved List, But Were Afraid to Ask or Why You Are Wrong About the Reserved List

Dan Bock has one of the most comprehensive pieces explaining the reserved list I’ve ever seen, all in a Facebook pos.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

How to Get a Real Job After Magic

The time you’ve spent mastering a game doesn’t have to be a liability on your job application—Sperling shows you how to make it an asset.

Modern Q&A: Is KCI the Deck to Beat? Humans vs. Jeskai, and more!

You have Modern questions. PV has the answers.

The 8 Most Overlooked Cards in Magic History

Now, these cards litter ban lists or dominate formats. But when they were first released? Crickets.

Reid Duke Plays Jund in a 7-Round Modern Challenge

Join Reid Duke for 7 glorious rounds of Swiss and a cut to Top 8 as he pilots his trusty Jund through one of Magic Online’s top tier competitive events!

Vintage Cube Draft | Channel LSV

Jump into another Cube Draft alongside LSV!

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