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Everything You Need to Know About Drafting the MTGO Vintage Cube, A Beginner’s Guide by George Alexander Miles

You know we appreciate a good Vintage Cubing over here, and we’ve even got our own primers on the format. But you can never have too much help, George Miles has a nice one over at MTG UK.

Breaking Chains: Standard Deviations

Tobi Henke at MTG Mint Card looks at how to win in Standard without its best 3/3.

Tribal Brews with Core Set 2019

The new core set has us all excited to start brewing, and Craig Wescoe at TCGPlayer dove straight in with some Cats, Goblins, and Knight builds.

Vintage Cube: Opposition

One of the Cube’s most annoying cards is also its most powerful, and to its credit it’s one of the few archetypes in the Vintage Cube that encourages you to depend on creatures. Rudy Briksza at Gathering Magic covers how to draft and optimize Opposition.

Understanding the Hate Cards and Hosers of M19

Core 2019 is packed with more specific hoser cards than usual, and we’ve covered some of them, like Isolate and Remorseful Cleric, here on CFB. SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish has a more comprehensive look at all of the targeted hate cards from the new set.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

July 2nd Bans: What Will, and What Should, Change

Open Beta: A Grand Prix Las Vegas Tournament Report

What better way to recap and Old School tournament and an old school Draft than with a throwback-style tournament report from LSV?

I Hated the Deck I Played at Grand Prix Pittsburgh. And I Top 8’d with it.

It certainly wasn’t because of how the deck performed.

Vintage Cube Draft | Channel LSV

Draft some of the most powerful cards in the history of the game alongside Luis Scott-Vargas!

4-Color Confidant Homebrew – Vintage | Channel Reid

Reid’s cooked up his own list for Vintage built around a few of his favorite cards—and leaving out one of the last cards you’d expect to see cut from a Vintage deck.

4 Lessons from Grand Prix Singapore and Pittsburgh

Red’s grip on the metagame has finally begun to loosen.

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