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Modern Weekend

Andreas Ganz took down GP Charlotte with Ad Nauseam, and Simon Slutsky conquered Los Angeles with Merfolk. 13-year-old Ethan Brown became the youngest player to reach a Grand Prix finals, piloting Affinity in LA. If you missed any of our coverage from GP LA you can watch all 29 matches we covered on YouTube.

Eternal Masters

The full card image gallery for Eternal Masters is now available. The set releases on June 10, 2016.

5 Articles from Around the Web


If you’ve never had the chance to catch Mark Rosewater’s blog, you’re missing out. He answers reader questions about Magic’s design, from hypothetical cards to artwork to story questions.

Elusive Eternal Masters Preview

Who better to cover the return of Magic’s most powerful planeswalker of all time than the Innovator himself? Jace, the Mind Sculptor is in Eternal Masters, and Patrick lays out the historic dominance of the card.

Preparing for Eternal Masters: Five Budget(ish) Options

The stated purpose of Eternal Masters was to make Legacy more accessible, and SaffronOlive takes a look at which decks might now be truly affordable.

GP Charlotte 2016: Saturday (The GP)

Get a look at what might have happened at GP Charlotte from behind the scorekeeper’s station. There are a ton of factors that can cause delays in an event, and J. Dery speculates about the cause of one this massive.

Tin Fins Introduction

Tin Fins is one of the craziest decks in a format full of wild brews. A storm combo deck in the end, Boston Schatteman shows you how to build your own Yawgmoth’s Bargain with Griselbrand and Shallow Grave.

5 Post from ChannelFireball You Shouldn’t Miss

Paul Cheon’s #GPLA Vlog

Paul Cheon’s affectionately named “Chlog” is one of the best ways to get a look inside the life of a Pro Magic player, as he travels to LA in an attempt to win some points on Modern Weekend.

Channel Reid- Standard Abzan Demonic Pact

I did a double-take when I saw this one in the queue—I assumed Reid had just named his files incorrectly. Nope. Sure enough, Reid’s getting the most out of Demonic Pact before it rotates out.

Eternal Masters Preview Card: Dack Fayden

5 words: Greatest Thief in the Multiverse.

8 Things to Remember from the Modern GP Weekend

My favorite article of the week—and not just because I got a shout-out for our GP LA coverage. Frank is one of the best writers out there and this article is a testament to that—a delightful review of Modern weekend with a perfect mix of analysis and storylines.

How to Defeat Miracles

Once you get into Legacy with all these sweet new Eternal Masters cards, you’re going to need to beat Miracles. Andrea shows you 6 lists to do it with.

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