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Tweaking B/R Vehicles for Pro Tour Dominaria

Everyone knew the best deck heading into Pro Tour Dominaria. The only question was whether you should try to perfect it, or beat it. Lee Shi Tian at MTGMintCard chose to refine the format’s boogeyman.

Fighting Back Against B/R

If Lee Shi Tian’s approach isn’t for you, Ali Aintrazi at Gathering Magic shares some of his plans for playing the other role, and how you can play to beat Red-Black.

Red Decks Winning Without Goblin Chainwhirler

Riley Knight looks at the newest red deck that doesn’t play Chainwhirler.

Banned and Restricted Announcement – June 11, 2018

Matt Sperling at Sperling Grove has an inside look at WotC’s approach to the ban list.

Pro Points Episode 2

Sam Black, PVDDR, and Mike Sigrist talk about how to prepare for multi-event weekends.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Jund – Modern | Channel Reid

Get ready for Modern with the master of GB/x midrange Reid Duke!

Standard Isn’t as Solved as it Looks

Pro Tour Dominaria showcased red, red, and red—but things really aren’t Temur-Energy-bad yet.

How to Draft Black-Red Grind in Dominaria

Master every archetype in Dominaria Draft with a quick guide from one of the best drafters in Magic, Ben Stark!

Grixis at Grand Prix Toronto and for Grand Prix Las Vegas

OK, it may be true that Corey always plays Grixis Control. But this time, it’s actually a great choice for the metagame.

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