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Why Magic: The Gathering picked Tencent as its partner in China

Jason Wilson at Venture Beat interviews WOTC CEO Chris Cooks about Magic in China.

Magic Is Currently Being Dominated By A Little Goblin

Cameron Kunzelman at Kotaku explains why Goblin Chainwhirler is dominating Standard.

Is Goblin Chainwhirler Too Good For Standard?

Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer has another take on why the chains are whirling

The Arctic Pauper Column – Let’s talk about the White Weenie Archetype

Artic_Ghost at Pure MTGO discusses the right way to build a classic archetype in Pauper.

Pro Tour Dominaria: By the Numbers

Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish recaps the Pro Tour and looks at the decks that put up the best numbers (spoiler alert: it was red).

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Analyzing the Pro Tour and Team Unified Standard

Frank runs the numbers on the best performing Standard decks at Pro Tour Dominaria, the last 3 turns of the PT, and Team Unified Standard!

What to Play in Team Unified Standard

With the PT in the books, RPTQs are right around the corner. Can you find the best Team Unified Standard combination in just one week?

Dominaria Draft | Channel BenS

Join one of the greatest drafters in Magic as Hall-of-Famer Ben Stark takes you pick-by-pick through a Dominaria Draft on Magic Online!

Pro Tour Dominaria Testing Insider

Marshall and Luis meet up in Richmond, VA right before Pro Tour Dominaria to get Team Channelfireball’s final testing results!

What’s the Pick? Dominaria Pack 1 Pick 1 with BenS

Ben cracks 5 more packs for another edition of pack 1 pick 1 with Dominaria!

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