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Meet Jessica Estephan, Magic: The Gathering’s First Female Grand Prix Winner

Lauren Orsini at Forbes interviews Jessica Estephan, Magic’s first female GP Champion.

The CIA Made a Magic: The Gathering-Style Card Game for Training Agents, and We Played It

Shannon Liao at The Verge discovers that the CIA plays a game a lot like Magic.

Geek & Sundry Brings Back Spellslingers, A Crash Course on Magic: The Gathering

Christian Hoffer at Comic Book reports on the return of Spellslingers.

Ravnica Got Me Into Magic, And Now We’re Going Back

Cameron Kunzelman at Kotuku talks about the latest return to Ravnica.

Battlebond Preview Card and A Quick History of Red Decks

Albert Caynes at PureMTGO goes over the history of sligh and the reprinting of Chain Lightning.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Battlebond Preview Card: Spellseeker

Trinket Mage. For Spells.

Dominaria Draft | Channel BenS

Ben Stark’s loving the new Draft format and he’s here to guide you pick-by-pick through his latest queue!

How Many Copies of Any Given Card Should You Put in Your Deck?

How do you choose between a 1-of, 2-of, 3-of, or 4-of? The calculation might be more complicated than you think!

Don’t Ban Deathrite Shaman

Like Force of Will, it’s become the glue that helps keep the format intact.

Bant Leovold – Legacy | Channel Reid

Jam some Legacy with Reid Duke as he heads into a queue with Bant, packing Stoneforges, True-Name, and a splash for Leovold!

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