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What Are Your… Drives?

Tommy Ashton at Massdrop explores what Westworld can teach us about Magic.

New Age Jeskai Ascendancy!

Hapless Researcher at MTGMintCard features a forgotten combo deck of Modern.

U/W Auras Standard Deck Tech! Learn How to Play Sram + PUT ON YOUR PANTS!

Maria Bartholdi of Magic the Amaturing breaks down an Auras deck in Standard.

Digging Deep into Dominaria Decks

Adam Yurchick at TCGPlayer gives Dominaria Standard a close look.

Turning into the Hulk in Modern

Parker Ackerman at Flip Side Gaming tries to port one of the most terrifying combo decks of Legacy into Standard.

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Know Your Enemy: Delver Decks

Delver has been one of the best cards in Pauper since it was printed, and Alex shows you how to navigate every possible variation!

Deck Doctor: U/R Artificers

We asked for your brews, and you didn’t disappoint. This U/R Artificers deck impressed Frank, and he suggests a few possible changes!

7 What’s the Play Scenarios for Dominaria Limited

PV’s back with a few more situations he’s encountered in Dominaria Draft and Sealed.

LSV Actually Drafts a Non-Blue Deck in Cube

They said it couldn’t be done!

Red-Green Monsters – Standard | Channel Reid

Reid Duke takes a swing at the new Standard format with one of the most power-laden archetypes in the format, boosted by the new additions of Llanowar Elves and Verix Bladewing.

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