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Completely & Unquestionably Accurate History: Dominaria – Chapter 1: Urza

RnD tells the story of Dominaria.

G/W Tokens

Michael Flores at Gathering Magic has a new take on a classic archetype.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Is A Nice Stepping Stone For A Casual Like Me

I know some players who might not be thrilled with how Eric Van Allen at Kotaku defines “casual” here, but the big question for Arena is whether it can bring new players into the game, and occasional players into dedicated ones. Van Allen thinks it will.

Dominaria: Underrated/Overrated

SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish offers his take on what is over- and under-hyped in Dominaria.

On Team Events and Skipping Tournaments

Team events are awesome, but Simon Nielson at MTGMintCard argues that there’s such a thing as too many.


LSV’s Set Reviews

If you’re here, you know about these. But here’s the link where you can find ’em all in one place. I’m helpful like that.

PV’s Prerelease Primer

Sometimes this gets lost in Set Review week, but it’s solid gold this early in the format.

Pardee’s Pleased With It: Magic Is Great Right Now

It’s a rough time to be sick of anything. Every format is fun, Brawl is a hit, and Dominaria looks like a slam dunk.

Modern Cube Draft | Channel LSV

Draft from among the best cards of the Modern era alongside Cube master Luis Scott-Vargas!



R/B Aggro Vehicles, and Dominaria Updates

Martin breaks down the R/B Vehicles deck that Gerry Thompson took to the Top 4 in Seattle, with a sideboard guide and prospects from Dominaria!

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