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Product Releases

Wizards unveiled the next plane in the product release schedule, Kaladesh, which will release on September 30, 2016, followed by Aether Revolt, releasing January 20, 2017. 

Other upcoming releases include Commander (2016 Edition) on November 11, 2016; Planechase Anthology available November 25, 2016; Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis on September 2, 2016; and Conspiracy—Take the Crown August 26.

5 Articles from Around the Web

Women in Magic Panel

This discussion panel featuring April King, Maria and Meghan of Magic the Amateuring, and Morgan W of MTGValkyrie covers how stores can create a more inclusive environment, how judges should handle offensive playmats, and why they want David Attenborough to narrate their lives.

All for One: Grand Prix Toronto Review

MTGBlogger talks about his experience preparing for events when he knows he won’t be the best player in the room. How many of us can’t sympathize with that?

Tomorrow Comes Today – Announcement Day for Future Products

Speaking of product releases, MTGcolorpie discusses WotC’s announcement. Why announce all at once? What do these changes mean for supplemental products?

Pauper’s Endgame

How do you go over the top in a format with no splashy rares? Alex Ullman at GatheringMagic talks endgame spells in Pauper.

Getting Ahead by Opting Out

When everyone is fighting on the same axis, one of the best ways to get an edge in Standard is to change the dynamics of the game. At TCGPlayer, Jadine Klomparens shows how you can do this in some of the most popular matchups in the format.

5 Post from ChannelFireball You Shouldn’t Miss

Play GW in Shadows over Innistrad Sealed

Shadows over Innistrad is one of the most complex Draft formats we’ve ever seen. Sealed—not so much. The answer there is simple: play green and white. Neal breaks down why.

How to Lose in Modern

Brian Bruin-Duin had some trouble finding a decent deck in Modern. He runs down the decks he shelved before finding a strong candidate.

The 4 Reasons You Won’t 3-0 Your Next Draft

PV puts on a master class on Limited. How to focus on the things that matter, abandon your first picks, value flexibility, and gamble at the right time.

Channel Reid – Standard Abzan Company

Looking for something new in Standard? Reid Duke’s got a Collected Company that goes a different way than the tradition Bant or 4-color builds.

Channel BenS – SOI Draft

Ben Stark, perhaps the greatest Limited player in the world, made his Draft video debut this week with a Shadows over Innistrad Draft.

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