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On his blog, Mark Rosewater addresses a question about diversity in representation in Magic.

With 100,000 New Invites, ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ Opens The Floodgates

Lauren Orsini at Forbes writes about the massive expansion of the MTG Arena Beta.

A Walk Through Time With Swords to Plowshares

The best removal spell of all time? Lover of all white cards Craig Wescoe has a bit of an homage to one of the greatest white cards in history as he recounts the tournament pedigree of Swords to Plowshares.

Abusing Sagas

Looking to exploit the new Sagas from Dominaria? Saffron Olive at MTGOGoldfish writes about some of the potential ways to use them in the new format.

Pro Tour Testing Draft Notes

It’s unusual to get the actual hard data from a testing team’s Limited preparation, but Zen Takahashi at MTGMintCard has the win percentages and pick orders his team arrived at for each archetype in Rivals of Ixalan.


Steel Leaf Champion Beatdown: Mono-Green with Dominaria

Reid takes a close look at Dominaria, and in a surprise move the first card to catch his eye is green!

Watch Matt Nass Play Despotic Scepter and Telim’Tor’s Edict in Legacy

We won’t judge you if you had to look them up.

Mastering the Jund Mirror Match in Modern

The Jund mirror is one of the format’s most complex matchups. Joel walks you through every aspect to take your game to the next level!

Masters 25 Draft | Channel Marshall

Dive into the new Draft format alongside Marshall Sutcliffe as he heads into a Masters 25 Draft on Magic Online!

Affinity – Pauper | Channel Pascal

The artifact lands were too powerful for Modern. They’re also commons.

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