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Dominaria Leak

Spoiler season jumped the gun a little bit as a huge portion of the upcoming set, Dominaria, was leaked in the form of the Chinese release notes. Blake Rasmussen for WotC confirms the veracity of the document and covers how Wizards will respond.

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All Tings Considered

Setting aside the obvious anachronism of using a medium that didn’t exist in the time period the format attempts to emulate, Bryan Manolakos’ new Old-School Magic podcast brings a fun exploration of the metagame, archetypes, and more.

Magic: The Gathering’s 25th Anniversary Rules Leak Early

Charlie Hall at Polygon brings you a succinct timeline of the events around the leak, summarizing the most important information in a quick read.

Magic: The Gathering Is Getting Some Big Changes

Within those release notes came some major announcements about the fundamental rules of Magic. Cecilia D’Anastasio at Kotaku covers the new way of things in Dominaria.

Third Time is the Charm? A Guest Report from Arvika

Get a feel for the gameplay of Old School with a match-by-match walkthrough from Arvika at Old School MTG.

Return of the Legacy Cube

You know this one caught my attention. David Wright has a Draft pick order for Legacy Cube. I have some quibbles, but it looks pretty solid overall. Give it a look and let me know which cards you’d put higher and lower than he has them.


Can We Get Close to Lightning Bolt, Counterspell, and Goblin Guide in Dominaria Standard?

It takes some work, but with the right configuration you can turn some of the new Dominaria cards into overpowered classics!

3 Tips to Mulligan Smarter

It’s a foundational skill, and easy to get wrong. PV walks you through the fundamentals of mulligans to level up your game.

Legacy Cube Draft | Channel Marshall

Try out the Legacy Cube with the host of Limited Resources, Marshall Sutcliffe!

Dinos – Standard | Channel Reid

Reid’s looking for the best build of Dinos in Standard, and he tries a few different options in Standard events on Magic Online!

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