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This Week in Legacy: M25 Impacts and New Tech

Sean Brown at MTGGoldfish talks about how Masters 25 makes some of Legacy’s offbeat decks a little easier to acquire.

Finding a Home for Bloodbraid Elf

There’s a consensus building that Bloodbraid Elf was the more impactful unbanning. Jund is certainly the most obvious option, but Bloodbraid can power up a number of strategies. Lee Shi Tian at MTGMintCard looks at some of the most enticing ways to cast a Bloodbraid Elf.

Legacy Manaless Dredge: Because Who Needs Real Magic Anyway?

Kerry Meyerhoff at ManaLeak writes about perhaps the least real deck ever created.

MTG Arena Economy and the Future of Magic as eSport

MTG Arena might spell a new future for Magic as a viable eSport. Neale Talbot at TCGPlayer takes a close look at how MTG Arena could help Magic make a quantum leap.

What’s the Play?

We’re a fan of What’s the Play scenarios here at CFB, and Rudy Briksza at GatheringMagic has a tough one from Legacy Grixis Delver.


Team Trios Constructed Configurations with Style

Yes, style points do count.

4 Lessons from the Magic Online Championship

We got our first look at how the pros would approach post-ban Modern. Riley has the highs, the lows, and everything in between!

Rivals of Ixalan Draft #4 | Channel BenS

Take on another Rivals of Ixalan Draft alongside Ben Stark!

Black-Red Hollow One – Modern | Channel Nassif

There’s a new combo deck in town and it’s extra explosive.

Pauper: So I Herd You Like Slivers

Slivers lacks the explosiveness of Pauper’s premier tribal deck, Elves, but it also lacks their susceptibility to sweepers!

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