Theros Beyond Death on Arena; Magic MMO Coming in 2020

At last night’s Game Awards, Wizards of the Coast unveiled information about Theros Beyond Death, the upcoming Magic MMORPG – Magic: Legends, and later announced changes to Collector Boosters for Theros Beyond Death.

Theros Beyond Death

Hot on the heels of Theros Beyond Death official spoilers, we got our look at the cinematic trailer for the new set. The schedule for spoiler season was also revealed.


 Theros Beyond Death Collector Boosters are getting an update from the Throne of Eldraine version of the product. They will contain 8 foil common, uncommon, or basic lands, 1 ancillary card (a card from a Planeswalker deck or the Buy-a-Box Promo for example), 1 Rare or Mythic with extended art, 1 foil Rare or Mythic, 1 Saga or Constellation Showcase card or Borderless Planeswalker, 1 foil Constellation Showcase or Borderless Planeswalker, 2 foil showcase Nyx-style Basic Lands, 1 double-sided foil token.

There is also a special free to play event on Arena this weekend. The event allows players to pit Ashiok against Elspeth with preconstructed decks that feature Theros Beyond Death cards, as well as Black Lotus, Mox Pearl, Sol Ring, and Ancestral Recall. These cards will not be added to a player’s collection but wins in the event will award Theros Beyond Death boosters (which can be opened on January 16, 2020).

December 17th UpdateToday information regarding Theme Boosters was releasedTheros Beyond Death Theme Boosters will be centered on a color. The Rare/Mythic Rare slot can be from the set proper or a Theme Booster Rare. Moving forward, Theme Boosters will have the option to contain a Theme Booster Rare, which will be geared more towards casual play.

December 19th Update: Due to a production error, Buy-a-Box promo packs that have shipped did so with non-foil Full Art “Nyx” basic lands. While a corrective shipment is on the way, some stores may not receive the items in time. Please check with your local game store on how they are handling distribution of the correct lands.

 Magic: Legends

While information is scarce at the moment, the trailer for an upcoming Magic MMO was released. Magic: Legends, developed by Cryptic Studios to be released in 2020, will allow players to take the role of a self-created Planeswalker as they battle their way across Magic’s Multiverse. You can sign up for the beta here.


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