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Hello everybody, and welcome to The Brawl Project’s Massive Decklist Dump of December 2019! I’ve built a lot of decks for Brawl in the past few months, and this week I took the time to compile all of them in one place. I’ve highlighted the decks I’ve worked on or enjoyed the most in bold, so keep an eye out for those if you’re looking for my personal recommendations. With that said, some of these have not received as much attention and could benefit from updates (such as adding more lands), so use your own discretion.

Of course, I haven’t only been building decks this entire time—I’ve been writing about Brawl and recording videos as well! I don’t want to clutter this article with lots of words, but if there’s a video or article associated with the deck, I’ve included a link so you can see what I have to say about it.

Without further ado, here are the ~90 deck lists I’ve worked on the past months:


Precons || Article

Mono-Color || Budget Article








My Top Ten Cards in Brawl
Lessons Learned (Play More Lands!)

(Admittedly these two links are unrelated to the theme of today’s article. But while I’m in the mood of posting many, many links, I may as well complete the retrospective of everything I’ve worked on these past few months.)

That’s all for this week; enjoy the Brawlidays!

(And for those of you who would rather not pay for the Magic Arena Brawl queue, there’s always ArenaBrawl.net where you can find a Brawl match in seconds 24/7, completely free!)

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