The Top 10 Ixalan Uncommons for Limited

Let’s get right into it. Last time, I ranked the top 10 commons in Ixalan Limited. Now here are my top 10 uncommons.

10) Shapers of Nature

I generally don’t like taking gold cards early, but Shapers of Nature is an excellent tribal creature that is big for its mana cost as a 3/3 creature, and it also comes with a built-in mana sink. You can add counters at instant speed, or in the case of a standoff, start removing counters to find a win condition. I don’t mind taking this one as early as pick one because of how powerful it is when it does end up in your deck.

9) Ixalan’s Binding

Ixalan’s Binding is basically a Banishing Light that doesn’t allow your opponents to play additional copies of the exiled card. While that second function isn’t as important in Limited, if it does come up, you’re in great shape. Ixalan’s Binding can deal with any nonland permanent, which is why it’s much better than any common removal spell. If the opponent has a troublesome Vehicle, you have an answer. Vance’s Blasting Cannons grinding you out? Here comes Ixalan’s Binding. As a relatively efficient, versatile removal spell, Binding is a great way to start a Draft.

8) Snapping Sailback

Snapping Sailback gives me flashbacks of walking right into an opponent’s Beast Attack. It is also more punishing when it lives through combat, because it triggers enrage and becomes a 5/5 attacker on the following turn. Snapping Sailback goes well with green’s removal in this set, Pounce and Savage Stomp, allowing you to once again trigger it. Maybe I’ll move this lower on my list as people stop walking into it, but as of right now it’s an excellent way to start a Draft.

7) Raging Swordtooth

Raging Swordtooth can create some really swingy games. It’s a 5/5 trample for 5, which is already a solid rate, but when it enters the battlefield it takes out swarms of Pirates and Vampire tokens, and triggers your own enrage creatures. Raging Swordtooth would be one of the top cards on my list if it weren’t for the fact that it’s gold, but as a high-end green creature it’s still very splashable, making the drawback of being a 2-color card not as much of a problem.

6) Drover of the Mighty

Drover of the Mighty is a mana dork that taps for any color mana, making it easier to splash some high-end Dinosaurs if you want. It can also just be an above-the-curve 3/3 for 2 mana when you follow it up with any number of 3-mana Dinosaurs. The worst-case scenario for Drover of the Mighty is a 2-mana Birds of Paradise. Best-case scenario it’s coming in for 3 with the Dinosaurs it helped you cast.

5) Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank is a nice role-playing removal spell in Standard, and a solid removal spell in Limited. Walk the Plank’s biggest upside is how mana efficient it is, and it basically kills anything you want. There are a few Merfolk you may need to deal with, which is why this removal spell isn’t higher on the list, but not enough of an issue to hold it back too much.

4) Savage Stomp

Savage Stomp is a reduced cost Hunt the Weak, an already fine Limited removal spell. The cost gets reduced to a single mana when you fight with a Dinosaur, giving an enormous tempo boost. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m even underrating it in this spot. I haven’t had the luxury of casting this one yet, but I’ve definitely been the victim of a stomping and know well enough that it’s a high pick.

3) Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike was once a common, and it makes total sense to me as to that it got promoted in rarity. Lightning Strike can kill most creatures at instant speed for 2 mana, and gives you a little reach. To get just 1 more damage out of this card, they added 3 mana to Unfriendly Fire. That should show you how efficient this card is. Take Lightning Strike highly.

2) Imperial Aerosaur

I haven’t seen this card in action yet, but it looks absurd to me. Phantom Monster was already a great creature as a 3/3 flyer for 4 mana. On top of good stats, you also get to send one of your creatures to the sky for some extra damage as well. This is also a Dinosaur for creatures such as Tilonalli’s Knight in an R/W Dinosaur deck, which may also contain cards like Frenzied Raptor and Raptor Companion—they have a high power and low toughness, and no evasive ability to punch them through. I’m pretty excited to send my first Dinosaur through the air with Imperial Aerosaur.

1) Charging Monstrosaur

Reality Sma—I mean Charging Monstrosaur is the best uncommon in Ixalan. These stats have been excellent in Standard in the past, and in Limited it’s just dirty. Charging Monstrosaur will be tough to race and nearly impossible to block. Trample on your haste creature means that they can’t just chump block it and race. It is the perfect creature to blow someone out with Sure Strike as it tramples over some extra damage and usually picks up a 2-for-1. I’m surprised that this card is an uncommon given just how closely it resembles Reality Smasher, and Charging Monstrosaur is clearly the best uncommon in Ixalan.

Well there you have it. Those are my top 10 uncommons from Ixalan. I’ll be spending the next month doing nothing but playing Ixalan Limited and Ixalan Standard in preparation for the Pro Tour. I’m really excited to keep tweaking my ideas on these cards and develop a better grasp of the format.

So, what uncommons did I miss?


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