The Monday Meta – Mono Black Aggro, PawBlade and Historic

This week Mashi and Martin discuss some new decks that have hit the scene in the largely stale Standard Metagame – Mono Black Aggro and PawBlade. Do either of these decks have what it takes to be a true Standard contender? M&M also dive into the current Historic metagame for the first time, discussing the top decks in the format.

Catch the Monday Meta LIVE at 12 Noon Pacific every Monday at twitch.tv/MartinJuza to have your questions answered and for a chance to win a FREE month of CFBPro, where you can get the latest and greatest of Martin’s Meta insights!

You can catch the Monday Meta LIVE every Monday at Midday PST at twitch.tv/martinjuza.

Show Notes

  • Standard Power rankings – 00:03:00
  • Mono-Black Aggro – 00:19:56
  • Paw-Blade here to stay? – 00:26:55
  • Historic overview – 00:34:43
  • Red Bull Untapped – 00:49:22


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