The Monday Meta – M21 Standard Decks

This week Mashi and Martin dive into the effects (if any) that M21 is having on the new Standard. M&M discuss what new cards are seeing play and what new decks Team CFB have been playing with to test the new format – Blue/White Blink, Jolrael Bant, Blue/Red Spells, and Blue/Green Ramp.

You can catch the Monday Meta LIVE every Monday at Midday PST at twitch.tv/martinjuza.

Show Notes:

  • Approaching M21 in Standard: 00:03:34
  • CFB Pro Showdown Winnning Deck: 00:23:43
  • New Decks in M21 Standard: 00:33:13
  • Historic Deck Guides 00:53:12


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