The Monday Meta – Back to the New Standard

With the new banned and restricted list for Standard and Historic hot off the press, Mashi and Martin talk over what they expect in the new standard meta and host of other questions the bannings and changes present. Are companions solved now? Did Wizards ban enough cards? What are Martin’s Top 6 Power Rankings in Standard? And how is Martin approaching preparation for next week’s Player’s Tour?

Show Notes:

  • Martin’s ELeague Recap – 2:35
  • Standard Changes & Bans – 10:28
  • Discard vs Companions – 35:00
  • Martin’s Top 6 Standard Decks – 40:50
  • Player’s Tours – 47:55
  • What will M21 – 55:50
  • Was the companion change the right one change to make – 01:00:27



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