The Monday Meta – #8 Yorion Rats!

After an exciting Players Tour 3 & 4, Martin and Mashi have A LOT to talk about – M&M discuss the new Yorion Orzhov, Companionless Azorius Control, and Bant Flash decks and what impact will M21 have on the current battlecruiser standard format. All this and more on this week’s Monday Meta!

You can catch the Monday Meta LIVE every Monday at Midday PST at twitch.tv/martinjuza.

Show Notes:

  • Intro: 00:00:01
  • Power Rankings: 00:02:35
  • M21 Impact: 00:09:38
  • Player’s Tour Recap and Analysis: 00:11:48
  • M21 Spoilers 00:47:38

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