The Hard Cast #5 – What’s everybody Cawing about?

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ChannelFireball Presents – The Hardcast #5

Show Notes
1. LSV and whole story behind Gruesome Encore joke, Sword of Feast and Famine in a Faeries and U/W build

2. Kyle and Paris his original U/B build and his updated one he would run at standard events now with techs vs the best deck

3. Andrew and the cards you need to add (with suggestions of cards to remove in their place) in the cube

4. Conley Woods gives you a list of card that should be broken in MBS with ideas on decklists in both standard and extended

5. Antonie Ruel with an honest look into his own career in Magic and his U/W deck and his draft deck in Paris

6. Matt Nass part 2 of Denver and how critical it meant to get the last point to quality for Nagoya, Philadelphia, and World’s as a lvl 4 pro

7. Adam Barnello (who was on Men of Magic this week) goes through 4 legacy decks that could have a large impact and that he’s going to be SCG event playing Legacy in Edison, NJ

8. Caleb describes a power fairies with new tech, and W/U/G deck that abuses some of past tech and Stoneforge Mystic tech and a 3-1 Moto deck that uses W/U/G, and a Legacy deck that uses Dark Confidant and Putrid Imp with other cards

9. Josh goes through GerryT Red-Caw-Go deck and Micheal Pozsgay U/W look of a fish deck and a Big U/W deck with BaneSlayers and Sun titans in the main deck

10. Webb goes through a draft and explains why sometimes windmill slam picks should be thought through before picking them, and what the deck looked like on his way to another 3-0. Must read if you want understand draft MBS.

11. Paulo goes through his drafts and sealed pools for GP Denver and talks about a night out with rest of pros from GP Denver.

12. Alexander goes through 3 levels of a deck resilience and shows you the designs and cards that make it so Chas Andres and the aspects of trading, including a very risky and daring purchase that made him be able to do the things he does in magic.

13. Product Preview – NEW Deck Builder’s Tool Kits

14. My 5 Buys of the Week 5 Sells of the week

15. What to Play @ FNM

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