The Hard Cast – #4 GP Denver and the week that Was

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ChannelFireball Presents – The Hardcast #4 – Event Decks and GP Denver News

Show Notes
1. Intro the show
2. GP Denver – Owen, Martin and Paul Cheon run to the top 8
3. Owen finishes up his GP Atlanta report with sideboarding for each round
4. Josh Silvestri 3 levels of decks from conservative to ultra-greedy
5. David Ochoa talks about 5 Strong Archetypes for MBS drafting
6. Chas Andres reviews Red Generals in Commanders and their pricing
7. Adam Barnello using Needle and Revoker in Legacy and how they work or don’t and two deck builds for it
8. John Louck talks about the second half of the GSD
9. Matt Nass and Denver the sealed pool he played that was mocked by his fellow pros
10. Alexander and his Green Sun Shaman deck very aggressive to play
11. Martin Juza shows track on how to build the perfect Tezz deck.
12. Paulo describes his experience in GP Paris Part 2 more the fun that was Paris
13. LSV talks about 3 weeks of magic and why Fangren Marauder is amazing in draft
14. Magic TV – LSV & TSG open up the Event Deck Into the Breach and break it down as well as some MBS boosters looking at first picks
15. Product Preview – MBS Event Decks
16. My 5 Buys of the Week 5 Sells of the week – Investing Short term vs. Long term
17. What to Play @ FNM – Event Decks? Maybe updated ones… adding a little $$$ to decks

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