The Hard Cast #3 – Leading up to GP Denver

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ChannelFireball Presents — The Hard Cast #3

Show Notes
1. Intro the show – Lots of “Thank You”s for the feedback on the show.
2. This past weekend was a great weekend for Team ChannelFireball at Pro Tour Paris,
with Ben Stark winning the event. He took it home with Caw-Go with Stoneforge Mystic
and Sword of Body and Mind and the Sylvok Lifestaff.
3. Shuhei Nakamura discusses with its important use four Cryptic Commands in Faeries.
4. Adam Barnello discusses how using Winston Draft can help with your cube experience.
5. Matt Nass tough decisions in playing and making the tough decision that change the
outcome of match and uses LSV as an example.
6. Chas Andres goes through a 10 of 10 list that include bears, TV shows that feature
spaceships, and lots of interesting magic cards to buy.
7. Alexander Shearer how the main decks in extended work and what the true of value of
them are to winning your next extended tourneys.
8. Paulo describes his experience in GP Paris – very informative article.
9. LSV reviews Gold and Artifacts part 1 and 2 – looks like LSV believes that even thou this
is artifact set the options for them are little to none in standard.
10. My five Buys of the Week 5 Sells of the week.
11. What deck should you play at FNM in the near future? Caw-Go or Tezzeret-Control
12. Question for the show: What are the challenges of going to a Major Grand Prix
representing CFB?
13. Where to see CFB including TSG and Robert is at GP Denver where TSG will be
running the CFB booth and Robert will be on GGsLive co-hosting the coverage.

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