The Great Puzzle Designer Search – Finals!

After four rounds of puzzle submissions, we’ve narrowed our search for the next Possibility Storm puzzle designer to two! Check out their ‘Mythic’-difficulty submissions and cast your vote to help determine the winner!

Back in April, we launched our Great Designer Search to find a new talented puzzle designer to add to our team. Fast-forward to today, we’ve narrowed it down to two finalists, and want your help making the decision!

Below you’ll find the ‘Mythic’-level submission from our finalists, Eric Fletcher and Zach Howell, with the solutions if needed. Each finalist also has a page on our website (linked below) with all of their submissions, so you can try out up to eight puzzles today, and evaluate your choice based on more than just the one below.

Thanks for helping us make this big decision – we’ll have the results on Friday! (Poll results will count for ~1/3 of the overall scoring.)

Now then, without further ado…

Eric Fletcher

Possibility Storm puzzle


  1. Sacrifice elemental, and tap all lands to cast Tamio’s Epiphany, floating BBU
  2. Stack your deck such that the top four cards include, in order: Fblthp, Footlight Fiend, and Moodmark Painter. Another unknown card can be anywhere in that stack.
  3. Draw 2 cards.
  4. Cast Fblthp, and draw a card
  5. Cast Footlight Fiend
  6. Sacrifice Fblthp and Footlight Fiend to the priest, targeting both players.
  7. Use Footlight Fiend to kill a token
  8. Sacrifice the Priest to her own ability. Opponent takes 2 and sacks a second token.
  9. Cast Moodmark Painter, granting Pardic Wanderer +4/+0 and Menace.
  10. Attack for 9 unblocked.


(View all four of Eric’s puzzles here.)

Zach Howell

Possibility Storm puzzle


  1. Cast shock targetting the opponent for 2 damage, bringing them to 15 life.
  2. Cast Role Reversal targetting Thousand Year Storm & Blanchwood Armor. Have the copy target Azorious Skyguard & a goblin token.
  3. Let the copy resolve, then with the other Role Reversal still on the stack, cast Charge to give your creatures +3/+3.
  4. The opponent’s Daybreak Chaplain now gets +0/+0 from the Blanchwood Armor you control & -1/-0 from the Azorious Skyguard you control.
  5. So the opponent has a 0/3 & 3 0/1s for 6 total toughness.
  6. You have 13 + 9 = 21 damage in attackers. Attack for 15.”


(View all four of Zach’s puzzles here.)

Voting time!

Find us on your preferred social media platform and cast your vote! You can find us on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

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Thanks for playing and tune in again next week!

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