The Full 42 – Pick-By-Pick Midnight Hunt Draft Walkthrough

I think that a foundational understanding of draft navigation strategy is one of the most important skills as a Limited player so today, we’re going to navigate a draft together with a pick-by-pick Midnight Hunt Draft walkthrough! I won’t spoil the contents of the draft just yet, but I chose this draft because it highlights what I think is the single most important draft navigation tip I can give you. That’s right, I’m here to deliver that one sneaky draft tip the pros DON’T want you to know!

For this article I’d really encourage you to play along at home. If there’s ever a format that doesn’t click with me, I find that recognizing discrepancies between my picks and the picks of people finding success in the format is the quickest way I’ve come around to winning as much as I’d like to. We’ll go through each pick of the draft with my pick hidden until you’re ready to see it.



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