The First 3 Picks – Battle for Zendikar Draft #4

Pack 1, Pick 1

My Pick

Eldrazi Skyspawner.

Earlier in my time with this format I might have taken Oran-Rief Hydra. It is very powerful. But, green is incredibly shallow and Eldrazi Skyspawner has overperformed. It’s time to take to the skies.


Pack 1, Pick 2

My Pick

Clutch of Currents.

Had we started with the Hydra we could take the Angelic Captain here and see where that leads, but luckily we didn’t take the Hydra. Instead we get to follow up a great blue common with another in Clutch of Currents. This draft is off to a great start.


Pack 1, Pick 3

My Pick

Complete Disregard.

Complete Disregard! Breaker of Armies and Spell Shrivel just aren’t anywhere near as good as this premium common in this spot.


The Final Build

UB archetype

BFZ Archetype Grade Scale

A: Hits every mark of the archetype and has some extra power outside of the archetype itself (usually from strong rares and uncommons).
B: Reaches all the goals of the archetype and has a strong game plan that will lead to many wins. You should aim for this level when drafting (and hope that an A results).
C: There are some elements of the archetype in place, but there are some holes in the deck and it isn’t streamlined.
D: The deck is a pile of reasonable cards within its colors but doesn’t have a cohesive strategy.
F: Often labeled a train wreck, the deck just doesn’t work on basic fundamental levels.

Grade: B

This deck is merely above average. The draft started with powerful cards and that trend continued throughout the draft. Cloud Manta didn’t even make the cut since I was trying to max out on synergy, and the deciding factor on cutting it was the inclusion of Gruesome Slaughter which ended up being very good in this deck. I don’t think the overall synergy was off the charts with this deck, but there are a lot of ways to get 1 card into exile, and that works nicely with all the Processors in the deck outside Ulamog’s Nullifier. The thing about the Nullifier is that it is just a very solid creature on its own and when you trigger its ability the game usually just ends. It’s nice to have this really solid deck, and I can rest happy presenting this 40 for your consumption.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s draft. Again, let me know how you felt about this type of article and formatting!

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