The First 3 Picks – Battle for Zendikar Draft #3

Pack 1 Pick 1

My Pick

Angel of Renewal.

I think this pick is interesting because Angel of Renewal is quite strong, but both Roil Spout and Complete Disregard are very good too. Roil Spout likely has the highest power level, but it’s 2 colors so I don’t want to start with it over the latter when it isn’t much better. Between Angel and Complete Disregard, I think the Angel is better, but in a worse color. In this case I started with Angel of Renewal, but as the format matures I could see taking the Disregard instead.


Pack 1 Pick 2

My Pick

Complete Disregard.

There’s no good white card to follow up on the Angel, and I just gave some praise to Complete Disregard which is the best card in this pack, and our pick here.


Pack 1 Pick 3

My Pick

Ruin Processor.

Resolute Blademaster, Bone Splinters, Kalastria Nightwatch, Makindi Patrol, or Ruin Processor? I think the mono-colored Allies are out, unless you really like BW, in which case you could take the Nightwatch here and try to move in. Bone Splinters is pretty bad in BW since you don’t typically have fodder to throw away, and I’m not at the point where I desperately need a catch-all answer.

I like staying flexible with this pick and that means taking either the Blademaster or the Ruin Processor. I ended up taking the Processor, as I like having access to the first one, though I usually don’t take a second. My thinking is that by grabbing the first one early, I have the opportunity to pick better, cheaper cards over it later. Looking back, however, I think I made a mistake. Resolute Blademaster is just so powerful, and even though I just took a Complete Disregard, I don’t have to be in black, and should have left my options open with the very powerful 5-drop Ally, even if I’m not the biggest fan of that archetype. 



BFZ Archetype Grade Scale

A: Hits every mark of the archetype and has some extra power outside of the archetype itself (usually from strong rares and uncommons).
B: Reaches all the goals of the archetype and has a strong game plan that will lead to many wins. You should aim for this level when drafting (and hope that an A results).
C: There are some elements of the archetype in place, but there are some holes in the deck and it isn’t streamlined.
D: The deck is a pile of reasonable cards within its colors but doesn’t have a cohesive strategy.
F: Often labeled a train wreck, the deck just doesn’t work on basic fundamental levels.

Grade: B-

This deck ended up looking a little bit confused, but it still gets a high grade because it’s a pretty focused control deck. The Kalastria Healer plan didn’t get there, but still needs to be in the deck since it synergizes with some of the cards, and I didn’t have enough replacements so it was better to just have a mini life-gain theme. Tons of removal, plus some solid late game has always been a fine plan, and this deck played out that way. I was quite happy with it, and this was the first draft that made me start falling in love with Mire’s Malice. Man is that card good.

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