The Best Standard Decks for the MTG Arena Win Every Card Challenge

This weekend on MTG Arena, there is going to be the MTG Arena Win Every Card Challenge, a free event that can win you incredible prizes!

The Challenge can only be played in MTG Arena, not via tabletop or Magic Online (MTGO). The event launches on Oct. 5 at 10 a.m. CT and runs to Oct. 7 at 10 a.m. CT. There’s no cost attached to playing the Challenge. Registration is free and players will have access to every card in Standard (up to four copies) to construct a deck of their choice. The tournament matches are in the best-of-one format and players are allowed two losses before being booted from the tournament. Each account has one chance to go all the way to 12 wins and take home the grand prize.

The best-of-one format might make some upset, but it is an event that targets every player, and I’m sure it’s much easier for a Bo3 player to learn how to Bo1 than the opposite. Bo1 is not the same as Bo3 on MTG Arena, and the main difference is the starting hand algorithm. While Bo3 Magic has a normal random shuffler, the Bo1 queues use a shuffler that tries to fix your starting hand by opening 3 opening hands and choosing the one that has the closest ratio to the lands-spell balance in your deck.

This means that aggro decks will have an easier life and can be “guaranteed” to open from 2 to 3 lands in their opener. One of the biggest problems I had with aggressive decks in Eldraine Standard has been the manabase. Without Dragonskull Summit, I found it very hard to have a strong curve with these two colors. And without Woodland Cemetery, I just couldn’t play Questing Beast and Spawn of Mayhem in the same deck.

Fervent ChampionKnight of the Ebon Legion

That left me trying some mono-colored decks. I found Mono-Red and Mono-Black to be the most competitive ones, although they both have flaws: black has good 1-drops but very weak 2-drops, and Red has the opposite problem. Since I’m not brave enough to play Gingerbrute and Rimrock Knight, I never tried Mono-Red, but I did try Mono-Black and this list from Crokeyz is the best one so far.

Mono-Black – Crokeyz

18 Swamp
4 Castle Locthwain
3 Ayara, First of Locthwain
4 Footlight Fiend
4 Gutterbones
4 Knight of the Ebon Legion
4 Lazotep Reaver
4 Midnight Reaper
4 Murderous Rider/Swift End
4 Priest of Forgotten Gods
3 Rankle, Master of Pranks
4 Spawn of Mayhem
Arena Export

3 Ayara, First of Locthwain (ELD) 75
4 Castle Locthwain (ELD) 241
4 Footlight Fiend (RNA) 216
4 Gutterbones (RNA) 76
4 Knight of the Ebon Legion (M20) 105
4 Lazotep Reaver (WAR) 96
4 Midnight Reaper (GRN) 77
4 Murderous Rider (ELD) 97
4 Priest of Forgotten Gods (RNA) 83
3 Rankle, Master of Pranks (ELD) 101
4 Spawn of Mayhem (RNA) 85
18 Swamp (ELD) 260


Rotting Regisaur hasn’t impressed me too much when not paired with The Great Henge, as it’s very often bad against Murderous Rider. Priest of the Forgotten Gods is too cute sometimes, but its synergy with Lazotep Reaver and Gutterbones makes it worthy, also there just isn’t that many good 2 drop options aside Order of Midnight.

The only two colors that I somewhat liked was R/B Knights, as Tournament Grounds helps cast your spells and allow you to have a normal two-color manabase with untapped lands.

RB Knights – Andrea Mengucci

4 Blood Crypt
4 Tournament Grounds
7 Swamp (339)
6 Mountain (343)
1 Castle Locthwain
3 Steelclaw Lance
4 Blacklance Paragon
4 Knight of the Ebon Legion
4 Murderous Rider/Swift End
4 Midnight Reaper
4 Stormfist Crusader
4 Fervent Champion
4 Smitten Swordmaster/Curry Favor
4 Foulmire Knight/Profane Insight
3 Embercleave
Arena Export

3 Steelclaw Lance (ELD) 202
4 Blacklance Paragon (ELD) 79
4 Knight of the Ebon Legion (M20) 105
4 Murderous Rider (ELD) 97
4 Midnight Reaper (GRN) 77
4 Stormfist Crusader (ELD) 203
4 Smitten Swordmaster (ELD) 105
3 Embercleave (ELD) 120
4 Blood Crypt (RNA) 245
4 Tournament Grounds (ELD) 248
7 Swamp (XLN) 269
6 Mountain (XLN) 273
4 Fervent Champion (ELD) 124
4 Foulmire Knight (ELD) 90
1 Castle Locthwain (ELD) 241


We aren’t playing any removal spells and we want to kill our opponent as soon as possible! Smitten Swordmaster definitely shines in this deck, and it’s the reason why we’re playing Knights only.

Simic Ramp

Oko, Thief of CrownsWicked Wolf

If you want to play midrange and try to beat the aggressive decks, then this is the deck for you. Simic Ramp as designed by Brad Nelson has an incredibly good matchup against creature decks thanks to 4 copies of both Wicked Wolf and Voracious Hydra.

Brad Nelson, 4th Place Fandom Legends September 26, 2019

4 Temple of Mystery
4 Breeding Pool
3 Castle Garenbrig
4 Island (335)
10 Forest (347)
4 Gilded Goose
4 Leafkin Druid
4 Paradise Druid
3 Brazen Borrower/Petty Theft
4 Wicked Wolf
4 Voracious Hydra
4 Hydroid Krasis
4 Oko, Thief of Crowns
4 Nissa, Who Shakes the World
Arena Export

4 Gilded Goose (ELD) 160
4 Leafkin Druid (M20) 178
4 Paradise Druid (WAR) 171
3 Brazen Borrower (ELD) 39
4 Wicked Wolf (ELD) 181
4 Voracious Hydra (M20) 200
4 Hydroid Krasis (RNA) 183
4 Oko, Thief of Crowns (ELD) 197
4 Nissa, Who Shakes the World (WAR) 169
4 Temple of Mystery (M20) 255
4 Breeding Pool (RNA) 246
3 Castle Garenbrig (ELD) 240
4 Island (XLN) 265
10 Forest (XLN) 277


This deck was the top tier of Week 1 Standard, when Questing Beast and Knight of the Ebon Legion decks were the most popular. Unfortunately, Field of the Dead has gotten more and more popular, pushing this deck away from the throne as it is just unable to deal with that many Zombie tokens. I expect fewer Field of the Dead decks in the best-of-1 queues, so for this weekend this could be the best deck.

Golos/Field of the Dead Decks

Golos, Tireless PilgrimField of the DeadFae of Wishes // Granted

Speak of the devil, I had to talk about the big elephant in the room here. Bant Golos Field is right now the king of Standard Best-of-3, and every player and every streamer (including me) are doing all they can to find a deck that can beat it. I’ll show you a nice Bo1 list of Bant Golos Field, once again will come from Brad Nelson, that I’ve tuned with a sideboard package for Fae of Wishes.

Bant Golos Field – Andrea Mengucci

4 Field of the Dead
1 Simic Guildgate
1 Plains (331)
1 Blossoming Sands
2 Breeding Pool
2 Fabled Passage
1 Golgari Guildgate
2 Hallowed Fountain
2 Island (335)
2 Forest (347)
1 Selesnya Guildgate
1 Castle Vantress
2 Temple Garden
1 Temple of Malady
1 Temple of Mystery
1 Azorius Guildgate
1 Plaza of Harmony
1 Boros Guildgate
1 Orzhov Guildgate
1 Tranquil Cove
3 Arboreal Grazer
4 Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
2 Realm-Cloaked Giant/Cast Off
4 Fae of Wishes/Granted
4 Hydroid Krasis
4 Growth Spiral
4 Once Upon a Time
4 Circuitous Route
2 Time Wipe

1 Devout Decree
1 Negate
1 Planar Cleansing
1 Veil of Summer
1 Unmoored Ego
1 Aether Gust
1 Jace, Wielder of Mysteries
1 Glass Casket
1 Deafening Clarion
1 Planewide Celebration
1 Ashiok, Dream Render
1 Time Wipe
1 Ethereal Absolution
1 Teferi, Time Reveler
1 Plaza of Harmony

I think Fae of Wishes is amazing in Bo1, and I remember it overperforming in the Early Access Arena Streamer Event. You can easily cast it for 2 mana against the decks that try to beat you down and you can grind the mirror and the midrange decks by having access to a 15-card sideboard toolbox.

I wish you the best of luck for this amazing event, and I hope that Magic Arena will have more opportunities to give players some free reward with events like this in the future!


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