The 10 Most Overrated Cards in Amonkhet Draft

Thanks to the early release of Amonkhet on Magic Online, I’ve gotten to jam a lot more Drafts than I normally would by this time. As such, I feel comfortable putting together some observations of cards that I feel are overrated and underrated. I don’t mean by me specifically (though I’m clearly guilty of some of these myself), but in general, based on what I’ve been playing with and against. Even if it’s not always clear what exactly “underrated” and “overrated” mean, my experiences with each card should be useful (even if just so Draft scientists can mock me).

The underrated cards can be found here.

On to the cards!


Anointer Priest

This card is routinely awful whenever I face it. It just doesn’t have enough of an impact on the game, and embalm tends to play better in aggressive decks to begin with. I get the idea of holding the ground and gaining life with this while you kill them with flyers, but what actually ends up happening is that you’re down a card and this buys you a little time (but not enough to justify its inclusion).

Cartouche of Solidarity

Unless you have 2 Trials, Cartouche is rarely going to be worth the card you spend on it. Giving a creature first strike doesn’t make up for the vulnerability to bounce or removal, and getting a 1/1 vigilance is not enough of a reward as a secondary effect. The green, black, and blue Cartouches are excellent—this one is not.

Cartouche of Zeal

Like Cartouche of Solidarity, this Cartouche is too narrow for my tastes. This one does at least have a high end—in a good aggressive draw, it can be awesome. The problem is that it does so little in your medium or bad draws, and things have to line up quite well for it to be good. If you are on the back foot, or they have an extra blocker, or your creatures aren’t large enough, this doesn’t get there. I don’t like cards that are that situational.

Impeccable Timing

It’s a little borderline to call this overrated since people aren’t valuing it very highly, but I just wanted to confirm that it’s not great. Leaving up mana still sucks, and not being able to remove creatures before they can block is rough too.

Oketra the True

Oketra is a fine card, and she can be awesome in the right games. But she is weak in fast games, and I don’t have her as a windmill-slam bomb. There are plenty of those in the set, but she isn’t one of them. I’d take the good uncommons over her, like Angler Drake or Cast Out, and don’t think that should be controversial.

Festering Mummy

While this has some utility in Zombie decks and some in -1/-1 counter decks, those justifications are overused. This card has been extremely poor every time I’ve seen it in play, and still consider it a specific anti-aggro sideboard card rather than something I want to play main deck.

Consuming Fervor

People have such an appetite for card disadvantage these days. I’ve been underwhelmed by Consuming Fervor, as chump blockers and removal abound. After a few turns, this effect fades, and now your creature is worse than when it started. Unless you are the most aggressive of aggressive decks, this isn’t good, and even then I think you can often do better.

Initiate’s Companion

There are too many ways for this Cat to meet its maker, and it only gets one life in this format. Getting pinged by -1/-1 counters or trading for a cheap embalm creature sucks, and getting brickwalled by Dune Beetle and co. isn’t much better. I’m off Initiate’s Companion, and you should be too.

Sacred Cat

Uhh, some set reviews said this card was awesome. It is not, and I’ve been unimpressed. It’s fine in the go-wide deck, especially as a Zombie, but overall it’s a borderline playable at best. Not so sacred after all, eh?


Just kidding—this card is as dumb as it gets, and everyone knows it.

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