Temur Control with Sarkhan Unbroken

Today I point the spoiler spotlight onSarkhan Unbroken. Which for all intents and purposes we should start to call Sarkhan the Broken because he’s straight busted. He’s a mix of many different cards that people play heavily in today’s Standard metagame—you can see a hint of Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker with that 5 cost and 4/4 red Dragon, a little Sorin, Solemn Visitor with the 4 starting loyalty and -2 generating a token, a little Kiora, the Crashing Wave with its ability to draw a card and overall Simic flavor.

If you match it up against Stormbreath Dragon it’s similar enough that the upside of getting a planeswalker might outweigh the haste and protection from white. Now that we’re comparing this guy to Stormbreath Dragon it’s not hard to admit that it will be great—Stormbreath Dragon has been heavily played since its printing.

Temur Control

This isn’t your normal Temur deck. This is a big mana Temur control variant that I have high hopes for. Savage Knuckleblade transcends his usual aggro role and instead is played here as a brickwall against aggro and a beater against other planeswalker decks.

Normally Ugin wouldn’t work well in a deck with mana creatures like Sylvan Caryatid, but here I think it’s acceptable since it has such absurd raw power that it’s just a mistake to not play it if your deck can consistently cast it.

I also like how well many of the cards in the deck generate mana for free. Courser provides extra lands, Kiora, Sarkhan Unbroken, and Xenagos all ramp you up very quickly while acting as scary-threat cards on their own. Every card is so versatile, and you’ll notice throughout current Standard’s history that the more varied the planeswalkers you play the better your chances are of getting out more than one at a time and having the game snowball. If you have 4 Xenagos and you draw 2 it’s not as good as if you have 1 Xenagos, 1 Kiora, 1 Sarkhan, and one Ugin.

Let’s look at Roast, a kind of red Hero’s Downfall. Yes it does not kill planeswalkers, but in Standard for two mana to kill most creatures no questions asked that’s a big deal. I anticipate Roast being an automatic 4-of in any deck that plays Mountains—it isn’t mandatory to play 4 main but not having access to 4 in your 75 is surely an error. The card is just too efficient.

I’ll admit some of the numbers here are a little rough around the edges, but Temur Control has the potential to be a great deck. It starts with four copies of Sarkhan Unbroken, and from there each of the cards I included warrant playtesting.

I could see taking the deck in an Elvish Mystic direction or a Satyr Wayfinder/Dig Through Time direction. I can’t see the future and I don’t know what will be the gold standard moving forward, but I’m excited to try and find out!

Owen Turtenwald
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