Superfriends’ Winter Vacation

One more puzzle to close out the year, might as well make it one with up to SEVEN planeswalkers to make use of. The solution to this one is oh-so-satisfying, too, if you’re one to enjoy some good old fashioned poetic justice. Happy holidays everyone!

Possibility Storm puzzle
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  1. +1 Domri, Anarch of Bolas for mana.
  2. Cast Sarkhan the Masterless.
  3. +1 Sarhkan the Masterless to make all your Planeswalkers into red 4/4 Flying Dragons (5/4 thanks to Domri).
  4. Use Oko’s 0 ability to turn himself into an Elk!
  5. Go to combat, attacking with at least Rubblebelt Rioters and Elko. The rioters get +5/+0 since you have several 5/4 Dragons, and becomes a 6/4.
  6. None of your flyers get through, but both of your ground creatures do since Brazen Borrower can’t block them. Hit for 4 + 6 = 10.


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