Standard Trial of Solidarity White

I don’t know why I’m suddenly drawn to these old-school mono-colored aggro decks, but what can I say? I’m feeling it!

We are finally headed into Amonkhet spoiler season at full steam and I’m really looking forward to getting my brew on. I love to brew new decks and try out new cards, but today I’m looking at an archetype that has its roots in the past: White Weenie.

In particular, a new card from the Amonkhet spoiler caught my eye:

“The card stands trial on the charge of being awesome!”

I saw this card, and immediately thought of a sweet White Weenie card from way back in the day:

I wanted to see if I could relive my Savannah Lions glory days right here on the plane of Amonkhet. The strategy is pretty simple—dump a bunch of little critters onto the board and then use Trial of Solidarity to letthem bash into the red zone for a ton of damage!

White Weenie

Brian DeMars

The short version is that I wanted to build a white, token-based aggro deck. Trial of Solidarity becomes really busted when you have a ton of random bodies on the battlefield, and so I wanted to have as many cards that generate spare creatures as possible.

One tension I noticed is between Humans and Servos. Most of the best token-producing cards create Servos:

“Protect and Servo.”

But there are some great Human synergy cards as well:

“More Human than Human.”

I think that Thalia’s Lieutenant is one of the most powerful White Weenie cards around, but I really wanted to push the token + Trial synergy and decided to go the token route.

The version of the deck I ultimately decided to write about is as “token-y” as I could possibly build. Generally speaking, I like to start a new format by investigating the most linear aggro strategies, and then figure out what beats them. Early on, linear is a good place to be.

Trial has the upside of being an enchantment that can be bounced by playing a Cartouche spell. The white Cartouche (which shares a similar name with Trial—just to make sure you realize they are a combo) has some good synergy with Trial—it makes a token.

I included a couple of copies as a cheap way to get creatures deployed and also as a way to return my anthem spell.

So many tokens!

I’m all tokens all the time in this deck. I want as many bodies as possible to pump up with my whopping 10 anthem effects.

Pump Up The Jamz

When you have a lot of tokens at the party you’ve got to pump of the jamz. I mean, you’ve just got to. And so that is exactly what my deck aims to do. I make a bunch of creatures and then boost them up across the board, and attack for a ton of damage.

Collective Effort seems particularly useful in a deck with a ton of bodies lying around, since I can easily take advantage of all the modes when I cast it. Easy escalate in the token deck.

Trial and Error

I’m still on the fence about 3-drop Gideon. 4-drop Gideon seems insane in this deck, but 3-drop Gideon also seems amazing. How much Gideon is too much Gideon? Well, I’ve currently got the 3-drop one in the board for when I want more. I could certainly see playing with the card more and wanting it in the main deck.

I’m also pretty excited about having a chance to play Gideon in Mardu Vehicles with Heart of Kiran (or perhaps even adding Heart to my W/W deck!) but that is a tale for another time.


It’s so hard to build a sideboard when we really don’t know what decks will exist. For now, I just have cards for specific strategies.

Be original, not a copy cat.

We’ve got some action against the Saheeli combo in the board.

“A very friendly ghost to tokens.”

I imagine Radiant-Flames-type sweepers will be great against this deck ,and Spirit is good at defending against that sort of a thing.

Go big or go home, kid.

I’ve already got a bunch of Selfless Spirits, so Avacyn feels like a natural fit in my deck. Good card is good.

More like unfairgrounds.

I’ve been really impressed with Warden in Mardu against B/G midrange decks. I want it here as well. It’s so great in an aggressive deck that pushes the tempo.

Other Options to Explore

I mentioned that I thought there were multiple ways to build this deck, and one synergy I didn’t use but am interested in is Sram, Senior Edificer.

Sram dunk!

Getting to play 4 “value Auras” in the form of Cartouche seems pretty great with Sram. It is also worth noting that Gryff’s Boon is legal in Standard. Vehicles are also still a thing, which could be great with Sram.

Vehicles, Auras, and equipment WW?

Stitcher’s Graft, Bone Saw (IS READY!), and Captain’s Claws are all options for an equipment/Auras version of White Weenie, which is something to consider.

Well, that is officially my first brew of Amonkhet! Whew, good times! Just like you all, I’m looking forward to more spoilers and more great ideas to build around. Amonkhet is shaping up to be pretty spicy, so I hope you’re enjoying all the cool spoilers!


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