Standard Power Rankings – Week of 9/21/2020

Hey all! NEW POWER RANKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! New format, new best deck.  I didn’t quite make it to ten decks, yet, because the format has just started.  In the coming weeks, I will expand the rankings, but here’s a good start:

1. Omnath Ramp

It’s a new format and we’re starting things off the way we left off.  A ramp deck is at the top of the rankings.  I’ve spent a fair bit of time playing with and against this deck so far.  Some of the games look like the Omnath deck is just playing a different format.  The explosiveness and power of the deck make it an easy choice for #1 in this week’s rankings.  Also, congrats to sortreew for taking down the CFB Pro Showdown as well as knocking off end boss Reid Duke, with Omnath Ramp!

2. Mono Red Aggro

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Mono Red is often good at the start of formats and like the deck below this it has a major thing going for it; Embercleave.  Even a mono red deck is able to make good use of modal double faced cards, and the Anax plus Embercleave combo can sometimes be enough to race the all powerful Omnath Ramp deck.

3. Gruul

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Gruul had a good showing the CFB Pro Showdown as well as winning the Hooglandia Open over the weekend.  I think Gruul is probably the deck that makes the best use of the Modal Double Faced Cards, at least in terms of quantity.  This is particularly powerful for a deck like Gruul, as it doesn’t run out of stream too easily.  Of course, Gruul has the most potent weapon that could exist for an aggressive deck, as well; Embercleave.

4.Temur Clover

With a couple top 8 finishes in the CFB Pro Showdown, Temur Clover looked pretty strong to me over the weekend.  It’s no surprise that an established deck like Temur Clover would fare well in a new format, but also no surprise that it didn’t end up winning the event after seeing how strong the Omnath Ramp deck is.  We’ll see how well Temur Clover can adjust to the new metagame by adjusting the flex slots to be better against the Omnath Deck.  Seems to me that both Essence Scatter and Mystical Dispute could be worth main deck considerations, but haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

5. Sultai

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I haven’t seen a lot of Sultai lists, though I’ve seen a few.  To me it seems that Sultai might be uniquely positioned to attack the Omnath deck as it has access to black for discard as well as blue for counterspells.  Sultai was the best deck before rotation, and the loss of Hydroid Krasis and Nissa, Who Shakes the World definitely hurts, but I have a feeling once things are flushed out a bit more, Sultai will definitely be a good deck.  Maybe consider this an intuition ranking.

6. Dimir Control

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A lot of the same points I made in favor of Sultai also hold true for Dimir.  Counterspells are really good against the Omnath deck, so is discard.  Dimir Control lacks the power of Uro, but can make up for it a little with a bit of a better mana base.  I’m going to be honest; I haven’t seen or played with or against this deck, but when preparing for the article, when I asked my TeamCFB teammates what they’d play if there was a standard tournament coming up, Gabriel Nassif said UB Control.   That’s good enough to make the rankings.

7. RW Warriors

This deck is the worst of the aggro decks but it has some stuff going for it.  First of all, it has Embercleave, and at least some versions have Nahiri to find Embercleave more often.  The warrior lord is strong as well as the new two drop; Kargan Intimidator. I think this deck is decent against other aggressive decks, but probably a bit worse against the Omnath deck than it’s more aggressive counterparts.

What would team CFB play in a standard tournament right now?

Huey: Omnath Ramp for the reasons described above.

LSV : Omnath Ramp.

Martin: For me its easy Omnath – this card is just incredible on its own and the rest of the deck is a bunch of good cards on its own like uro and lotus cobra. I love me an aggro deck and an embercleave but have you read Omnath?! Holy crap is this card busted.

Reid: Omnath Ramp. And I’d cut my deck from 80 cards down to 60 so that I draw Omnath more often.

Andrea: I would play Omnath Ramp from the screenshot I saw people posting on Twitter while playing Prereleases.

Gabriel Nassif: I like UB Control.

Well, only one of us can be right.  Sorry, I guess that’s not true… either one of us is right or five of us are right.  That remains to be seen.  Anyhow, good luck with the new stuff and see you next week.

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