Standard Power Rankings – Week of 8/31/2020

Hey everyone!  Here is this week’s edition of the Power Rankings. There weren’t a ton of standard events this week, with a lot of focus being on historic right now, so there wasn’t a ton of dramatic shift in the rankings, but some, nonetheless.

1. Sultai Ramp

This deck continues to dominate the field in terms of results and  popularity.  The diversity of threats and answers as well as a combination of all the best threats in the format make this an extremely difficult deck to beat.  At this point,  I think it’s safe to assume that Sultai will remain #1 in the standings until rotation.

2. Mono Green

I think its close in the number two spot here between Mono Green and Mono Red.  I prefer Mono Red because it has more reach and a better nut draw, however it seems to me that Mono Green has been more popular and having a bit more success recently.  For those reasons, I’ve given Mono Green the nod in this week’s edition of the Power Rankings.

3. Mono Red

As I said, I think the two great mono colored aggressive decks, red and green, are pretty close right now in the rankings.  Mono Red has Embercleave, which practically makes it a best deck alone.  Mono Red is a bit lower curve and low to the ground, but both decks are able to run over the opponent with a good draw.

4. Temur Clover

This is my favorite deck in standard to play.  I find it to be powerful, consistent and fun.  The wish board is particularly attractive to me as it creates a problem solving feel and opens games up to more exciting lines.  Lovestruck Beast as a four of in the main deck really gives a ton of game against the aggressive decks.

5. Rakdos Aggro

Another aggressive deck in the number five position, Rakdos has continued to be popular as well as perform highly.  It makes sense that Rakdos would be doing well, as it is very good against other creature decks, with tools like Priest of Forgotten Gods, Mayhem Devil, and Claim the Firstborn.  I think these 5 decks are a step above the rest, and what I would consider “Tier 1” at this point.

6. Izzet Aggro

This deck has fallen off a bit in popularity, but it’s had a good deal of success and is pretty powerful.  It’s definitely a fun deck and while worse than the top five decks, is capable of competing with any of them.

7. Azorius Control

One of the only pure control decks in standard, unfortunately just not that strong.  Azorius sometimes just gets run over by the aggressive decks, and can have trouble outgrinding Sultai, all of which makes it a tough choice for the current metagame.

8. Temur Elementals

This deck has remained pretty popular, but has not really had the results to match the popularity.  Risen Reef and Omnath are very fun cards to play with, but if looking for a highly competitive Temur deck, Temur Clover is the better choice.

9. Mono Black Aggro

Mono Black Aggro is probably a better deck than this list would give it credit for, the issue is that it is competing for space against Mono Green and Mono Red, both of which are superior strategies.  When we compare a deck to two extremely similar decks, it will naturally cause us to examine things in that light, which doesn’t benefit Mono Black Aggro at all.

10. Mardu Winota

This deck has sort of fallen out of popularity, I don’t think I saw it anywhere all week.  I still maintain that a deck based around Winota should be a pretty strong strategy, with some decks not even having any way to remove it.  The best draws from the Winota deck should be able to handle most draws from those decks, but draws without Winota can be pretty tough.

Thanks for reading! Be back next week!

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